Katy Perry: I'm a night owl

Katy Perry's days run from 9pm to 5am, which means she loves to sleep in.

Katy Perry has strange “operating hours”.

The singer has a hectic life and spends much of it on stage and on tour. In her Part of Me documentary, friends of the 30-year-old dished that she likes her sleep and Katy admits she struggles to make it out of bed until lunchtime.

“I sleep a lot. That’s where I get my strength and rejuvenation,” she explained to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“My operating hours are very strange. I’m a nine-to-five girl but not in a Dolly Parton way – I’m a 9pm to 5am girl. I start my day about noon and end my day about 3am.”

The brunette beauty begins by hitting the snooze button, then, when she does eventually make it up, Katy indulges in acupuncture, stretches and works out.

Katy is in the middle of The Prismatic World Tour, which kicked off in Belfast last May. This month she’ll embark on the Asia leg before finishing up in Puerto Rico in October.

While she could technically embrace the time off, relaxation isn’t massively on her agenda.

“No – put me on a desert island with no phone and I’ll already probably have a phone hidden in some box,” she laughed. “But I love what I do. This summer I want to have genuine, normal experiences, like going to the farmers’ market and picking fruit.”

Despite her go-getter attitude, Katy also added that she feels “ready for a nap”.
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Sunday, 12. April 2015