#TBT: Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad & Hilary Duff

    This is so 2008!

    Stop what you’re doing, cause this weeks #TBT feature is priceless!

    2008 may not feel like that long ago first, but as soon as you discover some of those times snapshot faves of your own, it suddenly begins to feel a little more distant (maybe even awkward).

    >>> #TBT with Geordie Shore's Gaz

    To give you a feel of what we really mean, by the word ‘distant’, you might take a look at Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, and Taylor Swift photoshoot for* Us Weekly Style*, back in ‘those’ sweet pastely days of 2008. And yes, those dresses actually were a thing. Just look at those multiple coordinated outfits. OMG – 2008 was a crazy time, y’all.

    Besides our #TBT gallery above, you should not forget to take a look at some of the shoot’s outtakes!

    Thursday, 09. April 2015