Ed Sheeran shares juicing secrets

Ed Sheeran decided to get healthy after realising his body didn't like how he was treating it.

Ed Sheeran’s chef creates special drinks so the star can “down” all the nutrients he needs.

The 24-year-old star has been sporting a slimmer physique of late, much like his friend Sam Smith. While Sam has overhauled his diet by cutting out things like sugar and dairy, Ed has taken a different approach.

“I’m not losing it because I’m eating well and going to the gym, I’ve started green juices because I’ve realised that I go to restaurants and get a steak and chips and broccoli and I’ll eat the steak and chips and leave the broccoli,” he told British newspaper The Sun.

“So I said to the guy that does the food on our tour, ‘Can you just blend everything that I need?’ And then I just down it.”

While it might not be the most mindful approach to health, it has done the singer some good. He’s already noticed his body has started to shrink and he feels fitter too.

“I’m now a small. I went from a large to a medium to a small,” he explained. “It’s my lifestyle. I haven’t really been healthy to my body and my body’s not liking it."

Sam is said to have lost 14lbs. in just two weeks on his regime, which could mean he’s won a bet said to have taken place between him and Ed.

According to British newspaper Sunday People, the two guys decided to compete to see who could lose 14lbs. quickest. The report came not long after both were triumphant at the Brit Awards in February, which is when Ed is said to have embarked on a juice cleanse and Sam made a pledge to get in shape for his tour.

It’s thought they both felt having some healthy competition might spur them on to stick to their new regimes.

“Neither of them are badly out of shape but the demands of being in the music business are very intense,” a source told Sunday People last month.

“They are good friends and want to help each other whenever they can.”
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Wednesday, 08. April 2015