Anne Hathaway aka Miley Cyrus

Slay Anne, slay!

Sure thing, we all saw a loooot of ‘Wrecking Ball’ spoof’s since Miley Cyrus hit us with her song and the more or less revealing music video to it.

But we and most obviously Anne Hathaway just can’t get enough of it, as the ‘Alice In Wonderland’ actress basically killed it with her very own ‘Wrecking Ball’ interpretation at LL COOL J's new show, Lip Sync battle.

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The Lip Sync game is simple! Two celebs perform two songs, each one trying to out sync each other and to out-do their opponent. The audience decides who did it the best. In this case, it definitely must have been Anne

Go and watch Anne Hathaway slay it as Miley Cyrus:

Tuesday, 07. April 2015