No More Zerrie?

    Zayn Malik has reportedly been ordered to stop following his fiancée 'around like a puppy'.

    If Zayn really thought quitting One Direction would mean he’d be spending more time with his fiancée Perrie Edwards, it appears Simon Cowell has other ideas.

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    Soon after leaving his lads of One Direction with only four members left, Zayn ran off on a romantic getaway to Italy with his future wife, Perrie Edwards of the UK girl band Little Mix… and it’s believed his managers will not allow this type of behaviour in the future.

    ’The law has been laid down to Zayn – you cannot follow Perrie around like a puppy dog, a source told British newspaper "The Mirror.

    Senior figures are worried, that Zayn is being so lost and confused after his One Direction split, he will just want to hang out with Perrie to make him all happy again.

    ‘One aspect is, that he is desperate to show her that their relationship is real and things are back on track, despite accusations he cheated on her while in Thailand’, an insider explained.

    Perrie’s management team are thought to be equally observant of Zayn’s behaviour, now that he is a solo act. It’s believed Little Mix are currently intently focused on expansion and are not welcoming diversions of any kind.

    A source said, ‘for Little Mix the next year is vital in terms of their progression. They will tour a new record and promote themselves. They have achieved a strong base following, but they need to convert that into becoming better known.’

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    ‘Having distractions is not what they need. Perrie already faces dozens of media questions about Zayn, when the focus should be on their music. This is not a case of asking Zayn, it is telling him’, the source continued.

    Oh my, it seems as if stressful days more or less lay ahead and not behind for adorable Zerrie.

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    Tuesday, 07. April 2015