Jack Antonoff: Swifty's songwriting is incredible

Jack Antonoff trusts girlfriend Lena Dunham enough to write what she feels without putting him in a "bad position".

Jack Antonoff finds it “incredible” to watch Taylor Swift write a song.

The fun. musician has worked with the blonde singer several times in the past, with one of their joint efforts being Taylor’s track Out of the Woods featured on her latest album 1989.

Having got to witness her song-writing skills first hand, Jack can’t help but be in awe of the 25-year-old.

“What’s incredible to watch about Taylor is she writes the same way I remember writing when I was 15.

“Just having an idea and a guitar and working it out. Other times, I’d email her a track I put together that I think she’d like. Twenty minutes later, she’d send me a voice memo of her singing this chorus on top of the track, and 20 minutes after that, she’ll send me a verse idea,” he explained to British newspaper The Guardian.

“Her songs are about these personal things that everyone goes through and that she goes through as well, whether it’s feeling bullied and ashamed, or picking yourself up after you’ve been knocked down."

There’s more than music to their friendship though; Jack’s girlfriend Lena Dunham is also close pals with Taylor.

Lena has plenty of talents to her name, being a comical actress and the woman behind hit TV series Girls as well as publishing her own book. When it comes to seeking inspiration for their work in their personal lives, Jack reveals they have an unspoken rule.

“We both trust each other’s creative process in that we would never put each other in a bad position while still being very true to this idea that we have to write what we feel,” he added. “I would never ask her not to write something, but I also completely trust that she would never put me in a weird position. Whether you write songs or TV shows, there is a mutual understanding.”
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Thursday, 02. April 2015