Catfish Sneak Peek Episode 5: 'Chitara & Priscilla'

Here's your exclusive sneak peek for this week's Catfish episode.

We know, we know! We are missing Max too, but you are going to have to hang on a little longer guys. This week’s co-host of Catfish, is Alex Shaffer and this will await you on this weeks episode:

Chitara took the plunge and came out to her family, when she met Priscilla online. But Priscilla broke up with her, without any warning signs. Now Chitara definitely wants to know, what went wrong where – so Nev and Alex Schaffer are on a mission to help her find out.

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Do not miss out on Catfish Episode 5: ’Chitara & Priscilla`, Sunday at 18:05 only on MTV .

Wednesday, 01. April 2015

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