Ansel Elgort: Fans don't believe it's me

Ansel Elgort fools his young fans by brazenly using the subway.

Ansel Elgort gets mistaken for his own doppelganger.

The 21-year-old actor has won fans all over the world with roles in the romantic The Fault in Our Stars and the exciting Divergent franchise.

Luckily he can still lead a pretty normal life because most people don’t realise he’s the real deal when they see him out and about.

“I haven’t changed my life just because I’m famous. I’ve known most of my friends since childhood, so I don’t have to attend A-list events to get to know people,” he explained to German magazine Bravo.

“I still use the subway in my hometown of New York, too. Why should I suddenly stop doing that?! OK, when it’s around 3.30pm and I happen to run into all the kids who’ve just been let out of school – that can be a problem. I just try and avoid that time. Although, most of them just think I look suspiciously like Ansel Elgort – they don’t think it’s actually me!”

The star carries that down-to-earth attitude over into his dating life – he’s maintained a relationship with his high-school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan. They started their romance in 2012 but had a short break in August 2014, before rekindling things five months later.

It’s a feeling of contentment that allows Ansel to keep things so low key.

“I just haven’t become one of those typically shallow and vain celebrity idiots!” he laughed. “It’s because I’m so happy with my life and my job – and I still want to feel that way in ten years’ time! I believe that those who aren’t happy with themselves turn into assholes…”
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Wednesday, 01. April 2015