The Best Belieber Tweets On The Bieber Roast

These Beliebers just couldn’t beliebe what was Hhappening at Justin’s roast

We all could have guessed, that Comedy Central’s Roast Of Justin Bieber would be kinda hard on all his true and faithful fans. But we had no idea, that his roast was going to be this big of a blow to the entire Belieber nation.

Twitterspere literally exploded after and actually already during Justin's roast session. The Belieber nation could obviously take the constant jabbing on their dearest idol, of Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and many many more…

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But after all this suffering, crying and nearly dying, a true Belieber always sees the good side of the medal… and jap, you’re totally right folks, Justin is a true fighter, a true King (Geoffrey) of Pop…

Click through our ‘Best Of Justin Bieber Roast Tweets’ gallery above and don’t forget to tune in on the actual ‘Roast Of Justin Bieber’!

Wednesday, April 1st at 21:55, on your MTV!

Tuesday, 31. March 2015