MTV Meets: Zebra Katz

We went to one of London's darkest corners...for you!

Who is Zebra Katz and where does he come from?

MTV took the artist and style enigma to one of London’s darkest corners, to find out whether or not Ojay Morgan is actually of this planet. In between a spot of tutti frutti baseball, watch him talk about his influences, muses and icons, as MTV Meets, Zebra Katz.

Don’t forget to listen and enjoy his track, as it’s also the theme song of our upcoming show Brothers Green: EATS!

Watch out for it peeps*

Monday, 30. March 2015

  • MTV Meets: Zebra Katz

    MTV Meets: Zebra Katz

  • Herve & Zebra Katz - Tear The House Up

    Herve & Zebra Katz - Tear The House Up