The Best Of 'IHeartRadio Awards 2015'

We love radio but we surely do love award shows!

To be honest with you, it’s quite impossible to squash every single moment of this years grande IHeartRadio Awards in only one aritcle…but hey we’ll give it a try and sum it up for you.

Taylor Swift must have basically had a blast, as she wasn’t only the queen of the evening, by winning three trophies, nope. She even accompanied Madonna with her guitar skills for a brief moment…

Meanwhile, Rihanna parked her very own helicopter on stage, whilst Iggy Azalea took some selfies with Mike Tyson. Well, sounds like a normal evening to me!

But as words can usually hardly describe what really went down, take a look at our ‘Best Of’ picture gallery above…just in case!


Monday, 30. March 2015