The RiRi & Sam Smith Collab Is On!

    RiRi confirms she'll be heading into studio with British star...

    OH EM GEE again and again! Cause the BIG news bout Rihanna and her new album just won’t stop hitting at us. Whilst we’re basically still flipping out about RiRi's new single, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’, which only dropped last week, she’s now obviously trying to drive us insane, by now reavealing, that she’s collaborating with Sam Smith… like officially collaborating!

    Speaking to The Sun, the R&B minx insisted that the pair were going to ‘make it happen’.

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    RIRI gushed: ‘Sam is so talented, it would be amazing to work with him. He has such a beautiful voice, is a beautiful songwriter, but more important than that he is an absolutely beautiful person, and that comes across in his songs.’

    Their collab is expected to feature on RiRi’s eagerly awaited new album R8.

    …can’t wait!

    Monday, 30. March 2015