Scott Eastwood: Dad doesn’t talk dating

Scott Eastwood was raised a hardworking man by his father Clint.

Scott Eastwood wouldn’t go to his father for relationship advice.

The actor is the child of megastar Clint Eastwood and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. While his father has all the career wisdom Scott might need, there are some things the 29-year-old wouldn’t go to him for.

“No, I’d rather talk to my mother about that kind of thing!” he laughed to German magazine Bravo when asked if Clint, 84, offered dating tips.

“But he has passed on a lot of good advice. Just like my character in The Longest Ride, I am very honest, trustworthy and hardworking man. That’s how my father raised me.”

In romantic movie The Longest Ride, Scott stars alongside Britt Robertson to tell the tale of a former champion bull rider and his love affair with a college student.

Speaking of all things love-related, Scott revealed his dream date would be camping under the stars on a Hawaiian beach with the women of his dreams.

It sounds like any future girlfriend will have some special dates in store. She also wouldn’t need to worry about bad-boy behaviour from Scott.

“I would definitely say I’m a gentleman,” he smiled. "When it comes to dating, I’m very old fashioned. I think it’s a shame that relationships are often taken very lightly these days.

“I think it’s very important to make concrete plans with someone, even if it’s just about setting a time for a date. I will say: ’I’ll pick you up at eight,’ none of this, ’I’ll see you later on’ – that’s just bulls**t!”
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Sunday, 29. March 2015