Get Your Zayn To Cry On Pillow, NOW!

    ...cause shopping is the cure for basically everything!

    This whole Zayn leaving One Direction thing, is still very hard on all of us. It just seems as one could never escape this limbo of shock, denial, sadness, understanding, shock, denial… like seriously, this needs to stop! We totally need a break of all these one too many feelings… so let’s go SHOPPING!

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    I really don’t know how you feel about this… but me personally, I just really feel the need to hold on to something Zaynie… and if it’s just a mug with his head (and his probably really soft hair) on it, or some totally comfy pillow, to rest our cried out eyes on, or a sweater, simply overloaded with all of his beautiful tatts, with all their beautiful and deep, deep meanings, we can wonder about for days!

    Seems legit! So start embracing your inner shopping queen and maybe find a little inspiration in our picture gallery above!

    Ooops…. went a little inzayne on the merch there!

    Friday, 27. March 2015