The 9 Best Boyband Break Ups 2 Make Ups...

  • The Best Boyband Break Ups 2 Make Ups >>>

  • Backstreets Back! Including Kevin, who first decided to leave the band after 13 years, but returned in 2012! All happy again!

  • Genesis - Old but gold! Phil Collins left the band in 1996. The band reunited, including Collins, in 2006. They are still recording together.

  • Boyz II Men took a short break in 2003, due to an illness, but have since released five albums, with the most recent being 2014′s Collide.

  • Fall Out Boy! The band split in 2009 and reunited only 3 years later! Whoop Whoop!

  • O-Town! The group called it splits in 2003 and reunited in 2013 as a quartet.

  • East 17! Tony left the band 1997. The other three carried on, but split soon! Now, since 2012 they are a foursome again!

  • Robbie Williams left Take That in 1996. The band broke up a few years later and totally came 'Back For Good' in 2014 with Robbie. There still have been some changes, but all in all they are still together!

  • New Kids On The Block broke up in 1994, but got back together after a 14-year hiatus. They even went on tour with BSB...

  • No girls allowed? Whatever! Rumors are spread that it's just a matter of time that the Spice Girls get back together, after their split in 2000. Our hopes are up!

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    They all came back for good!

    No worries guys, you can all start breathing again! This isn’t any bad news on One Direction… we’ve shattered more then enough tears on Zayn leaving the the band and his lads.

    So lets start spreading some hope around, cause yes, we went through some mad and awful boyband break-ups in the past few years, which truly took us ‘some’ time to get over (still not over), but as a bad as these break-ups first may have seemed, they actually ended up by reuniting again!

    So let’s keep all our hopes up for One Direction winning back Zayn and whilst the guys figure that out, we’ll just be all happy about our already rekindled boybands from the past!


    Thursday, 26. March 2015