Who Could Replace Zayn Malik?

    Cause we desperately need a rebound!!!!

    So, this isn’t a bad dream! Zayn has really left One Direction… this actually really happened! And whilst we’re still struggling with all those one too many emotions, from shock, to sadness, to anger, denial and hopefully soon some understanding (cause, yes, of course we only want the best for dear Zayn), we just had to come up with some rebound options… I mean, we really need to get over this, together, cause we’re never ever getting back together!

    >>> Zayn Malik Quits One Direction, Like Forever!

    And what’s a better way, then to distract yourself with a little pretty rebound. So come and join us by trying to get over this and click through our rebound options above!

    PS: If someone’s looking for me… I’ll be here watching this all day:

    Thursday, 26. March 2015