Grumpy Cat Was Grouchy? Meet Albert!

    This cat with a resting bitchface is sick of your sh**t. Kidding, not kidding!

    Oh dear me, cause Grumpy Cat’s facial expression could definitely turn in a more grumpier one then it already is, cause we see some serious facial expression competitor coming up, catwise.

    So please meet* Albert*, the cat who outdoes any bitchface the world has seen yet! His face expression is just the perfect mix of bitchy, sassy, but yet not ‘too’ angry. I can already hear some roarrring in the backround, as Albert could really endanger Grumpy Cat’s world domination.

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    And not enough, cause Albert is also a pro, when it comes to Instagram. Cause the catmaster already got himself two Instagram accounts, cause seriously, only a rookie would have just one. @pompous.albert seems to be his personal insta, full of Selfies and oh ‘fun’ stuff and @alberttailsfromtheoffice, would then be his work insta, cause yeah guess what, ones gotta pay the bills, duh!

    Please meet Albert and click through our kitty cat gallery above!

    Wednesday, 25. March 2015