Liam Payne Caused A Twitter War... making a joke. And now it's Beliebers vs. Directioners!

Uh Oh Liam! Your idea, of covering up Zayn Malik’s face on a poster, whilst posing with the other lads of One Direction for a group photo and then uploading this on Twitter with the caption: ‘#makinglightofasituation sorry for the laughs guys’, retrospectively wasn’t such a good idea.

Of course, we totally get your dark, sarcastic and very british sense of humor (which we truly love you for) and yes, we also are aware bout the fact, that you just wanted to take some seriousness out of Zayn’s, truly sad absence. But your tweet, somewhere took a totally wrong turn, cause now, not only Directioners are sad and/or angry, no! It’s even the Belieber fan community who now had something (not so very nice) to say about it all, or about you Liam, as one fan retweeted:

@arianasmccann:@Real_Liam_Payne Isn’t it kinda depressing for you to know that Justin Bieber will always be more successful than you?’

…to which Liam hit back with: ‘How many times have I been arrested?’

These few words, basically caused a huge Twitter war between Directioners and Beliebers, with Justin’s army of fans upset that Liam would mock their idol so publicly.

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However, Payne seemed unfazed by his comments, by simply tweeting: ‘Some people just can’t take joke… Bit of banter guys chill out’, ‘Never mind’, and ‘#banter’.

True words there Liam. So dear Beliebers, Directioners and everyone else, please chill out!

Tuesday, 24. March 2015