Gomez: Zedd’s got beautiful eyes

Selena Gomez has gushed about rumoured new beau DJ Zedd in a new interview.

Selena Gomez thinks Zedd is a “cute little German”.

The American singer is rumoured to be dating the musician after the pair recorded a number of tracks together. And now the 22-year-old has added fuel to the fire by paying her alleged new beau a number of compliments.

“He’s this cute little German, and he’s got really beautiful eyes, and he’s very sweet and funny," she told Radio Disney.

The 25-year-old Russian-German music producer is best known for the song Break Free by Ariana Grande, on which he featured. He is passionate about electronic house music and this is another trait that Selena loves about him.

“I respect his vision because he has a way of knowing how important his role is as an EDM artist, and he doesn’t spend most of his time travelling the word DJing,” she explained. “He really spent so much time on this record. He wanted everything, from the lyrical content, to who sang it, and how they sang it. He’s great, and very talented.”

Selena’s relationship with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber finally came to an end last year. And while the Come & Get It performer hasn’t confirmed that she is dating Zedd, she did reveal how they first met.

“He and I met when we were recording using the same building and he needed to use my bathroom," she continued. “We ended up talking, sharing music and it happened organically. He’s great, and he cares so much about the meaning of his songs.”
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Friday, 20. March 2015