Bieber sued again by neighbour

Justin Bieber has been hit with another lawsuit, as his former neighbour whose house he egged is seeking even more money in damages, this time for emotional distress.

Justin Bieber has reportedly been sued once again by his former neighbour.

The 21-year-old singer pled no contest to vandalism after being accused of egging the house of Jeff Schwartz in January 2014. Bieber shelled out $80,000 to Schwartz to repair the damage and was put on probation for the incident.

And now TMZ is reporting Schwartz has brought forth another lawsuit against the heartthrob, accusing Bieber’s entourage of causing emotional distress just before the incident.

According to legal documents obtained by the website, Bieber’s former neighbour, who resides in Calabasas, California, claims the singer’s bodyguard called him a “little Jew boy” before the egging incident took place.

Apparently during Memorial Day weekend in 2013, Schwartz and his friend walked over to Bieber, asking him to stop speeding around the neighbourhood and putting people’s lives in jeopardy with reckless driving. Shortly after Schwartz confronted the superstar, Bieber’s bodyguard is said to have stepped up and called him a “little Jew boy” before repeatedly asking, “What are you going to do about it, Jew boy?”

“Schwartz also claims Bieber hurled obscenities at his wife and minor daughter,” TMZ writes.

In 2014 the Baby crooner was making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as in addition to egging his neighbour’s home, he was caught driving without a licence.

Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday earlier this month on March 1 and even though he’s offered several public apologies already, the star made it clear now that he’s reached the milestone age his behaviour will be changing for good.

“Thanks for all the birthday love. Grateful for everything. Let’s be better this year. Thanks,” he wrote to all his fans on Twitter.

“I really really really really really really like you (sic)”
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Thursday, 19. March 2015