Rihanna: I want a J.Lo duet

Rihanna wants to duet with Jennifer Lopez, but has joked that she would need “butt pads” to compete with the singer in a video.

Rihanna is keen to duet with Jennifer Lopez.

The 27-year-old singer has made firm friends with Jennifer, 45, over the past few years. And the pair had the chance to work together when they both voiced characters in new animated movie Home – Rihanna as a teenager and Jennifer as her mother.

After the movie, Rihanna says she would love to continue her working relationship with the Jenny from the Block star – perhaps in the music medium.

Speaking to Extra at the Texas premiere of the movie, Rihanna said she would love to sing alongside Jennifer on a new track.

However, the star added that she might need a little help on the derriere front when it comes to appearing in a music video with Jennifer.

“I would need some butt pads for that video though,” she said. “I mean, really? She’s shutting down 20-year-olds at fortysomething. It’s unheard of."

Rihanna also spoke about her relationship with her own mother. While she admitted she was a troublemaker as a teenager, she says her mother was always there to guide her back to the straight and narrow.

“I went through my phases, was a little rambunctious…” she said. “I have a very stern mother, but my mom, she let me grow, she let me experience life, she let me learn from my own mistakes, but she was there to direct me, guide me along the way, she was very hands on, so I had a great experience as a teenager.”

The singer is now getting her own experience of being responsible for a child as she has a close relationship with her niece Majesty.

And Rihanna said she is thrilled that the little girl is going to be able to watch her aunt’s work in Home.

“She might not understand it this year, but maybe in a few years she’ll come back to it and be like, ‘That’s my auntie!’ ” Rihanna said.
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Wednesday, 18. March 2015