How far will Ansel Elgort go for a MTV Movie Award?

Schumer has her propositions...

Ansel Elgort’s list for this years MTV Movie Awards nominations seems kinda packed. As he’s not only nominated for his amazing performance in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, as Breakthrough Performance, nope, he also can win the golden popcorn for Best Shirtless Performance, Best Kiss and Best Duo…just to name a ‘few’ more!

But it seems, as Ansel takes Amy Schumer’s and Bill Hader’s motivational slogan, that winning is everything, a tiny bit to serious, as he really wants that golden popcorn, no matter what it takes. He even let Schumer bribe him, with lets say, some kinky insinuations, which, hey, is not against the rules…

The big question is, will Ansel really take Amy’s speech notes into consideration if he wins?

BTW – It’s up totally up to you, who the winners of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards will be! Vote now, and tune in on Sunday, April 12th at 1.30AM, only on MTV.

Wednesday, 18. March 2015