Goof Off Day With Goofy & Friends!

    Let's have a ball!

    By now, you must have noticed all of these TERRIBLY ‘talented’ dancers in our inner circle of celeb faves. But let’s be totally honest, cause there certainly are these times, when even a Tay Swizzle or Justin Bieber can`t ‘shake it off’, dance wise.

    But hey, the most important thing is, that they always make us laugh with all their goofyness, and what else do we need on a day like today. WHAT??? You seriously didn’t know, that it’s ‘Goof Off Day’ today? Well, now you know and therefore, you should definitely start laughing and dancing your a** off (simultaneously)!

    Of course we invited Mister Goofy himself. As he’s not only the name giver of this very special holiday, no, we also spotted some in common dance moves with, Taylor, Ed, Justin, Selena, Harry and many, many more….

    …don’t believe me? Just watch! (in our GIF gallery above)

    Lemme see you 1, 2, GOOF!

    Sunday, 22. March 2015