Kevin Hart: Roasting made Bieber bawl

Kevin Hart has admitted Justin Bieber's roast "got a little rough".

Kevin Hart truly believes Justin Bieber cried on the way home in his car after his comedy roast.

The comedian acted as roastmaster at the event on Saturday, which saw Justin teased about everything from his sex life with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to his look – it was joked that he has “hair like a gay figure skater”.

“It went a little rough! I’m not gonna lie, there were some moments where I was like, ’Justin’s gonna cry in the car. There’s no way he’s not gonna cry.’ You know how you can look at a person and they’re trying to have a good time but you can tell there’s a tear? There was one moment when I looked at Justin and he was like [screws up face and pretend cries]. It’s like a laugh but it’s not. I kept pointing at him like, ’You’d better hold it back, boy!’ You don’t let them cameras see it come down. He did one knee slap where I think he covered up a cry and then sat up,” Kevin laughed to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

Many other comedians were on hand to dish out barbs at the event, with some famous people taking part too. Among them were Snoop Dogg and the surprise hit of the night Martha Stewart, who made a pointed dig at Justin’s brushes with the law last week.

“Justin, you have no idea what you’re in for. I’m sure it’s great to have 60 million followers on Twitter, but the only place people will be following you in jail is into the shower,” she said.

Kevin, for one, was amazed by Martha. He had no idea she was taking part and certainly didn’t expect her to be as good on stage as she was.

“First of all when I saw Martha Stewart I got nervous cos I said, ‘Are you and Justin dealing with each other, is this a thing?’ I just didn’t know why she was there but when she came on she was digging, she was throwing some real jokes. She said something about me and I was like, ‘You don’t even know me Martha, who gave you this information?’ She gave me a cocky look after they laughed,” he explained.

At the end of the event Justin made a speech in which he explained he’s making big changes to his life. He’s uttered this several times before, using his recent 21st birthday to promise fans he’s going to be a better person. That is something Kevin could get on board with.

“It got a little rough but I will say this, at the end of it what I loved the most – Justin Bieber stood on stage and gave his rebuttal and it was more about him acknowledging all of the stuff that he’s done and saying that he’s now in a different place in his life,” he said. “He’s ready to mature and move on. I think that’s such a nice place to do it because it’s like, hey, let be me an adult, let me be a man now and let me go on with my life.”
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Tuesday, 17. March 2015