10 (Irish) Songs From Niall Horan's Playlist

...cause it's Saint Patricks Day Y'all!

Happy Saint Patricks Day, to all of you Irish and non Irish Lads and Lasses! This is the day, where you’ll see green goblins running around and liters of Guiness beer floating down throats like water…. Well, the Irish know how to party!

Niall Horan (our Irish fave), most probably doesn’t make an exception here, as he proudly loves his green Island more then anything else. So it’s a given fact that he won’t miss out. Also, caringly as he is, Niall put together a playlist of all his favorite Irish pop songs ever. From evergreens like U2, The Cranberries and Snow Patrol, you’ll also find Hozier and Damien Rice on it. Basically, everything your green heart could wish for.

Thanks Niall!

Tuesday, 17. March 2015