will.i.am judges Voice mentors

will.i.am believes Rita Ora has star elements that Jessie J and Kylie Minogue lack.

will.i.am worries people only see “the edginess” in Jessie J.

The two stars got to know each other well during their time as judges and mentors on the UK version of The Voice. After Jessie left Kylie Minogue took over, with Rita Ora taking her seat on the panel during the latest season. As far as will is concerned, Rita is the best option.

“Rita’s just what the show had been missing – the pizzazz, sexiness, sweetness and someone who’s raw. We really needed that,” he told British magazine Hello!, and was then asked if Jessie and Kylie didn’t have these elements.

“It’s really difficult, but yes. They each had a bit of both. Jessie was edgy and raw and sweet, but you only saw the edginess. And Kylie is sweet and kind. Rita is all of that.”

The Voice UK is yet to find a mega star, even though it’s been going since 2012. will is adamant there are many reasons for that, and it’s not just a case of not discovering enough talent.

The obvious comparison is to Simon Cowell’s programme The X Factor, but will claims they shouldn’t be pitted together as they are so different. For one thing, The Voice doesn’t have as much financial backing. Winners of The X Factor tend to sign to Simon’s label, with will suggesting a new format could be just what his series needs.

“What should really happen is The Voice should be me, Pharrell Williams, Madonna and [singer-songwriters and producers] Ester Dean and Dr. Luke. That would be a sick show because Madonna has a label, I have a label – we’d all be fighting over who’s going to sign who to which label. That should be the show,” he enthused.
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Monday, 16. March 2015