Happy Fragrance Day Y'all!

    MTV Presents You The 19 Best Or Worst Celeb Fragrances! Take A Smell!

    They say: “Nothing is as memorable as ones smell!” Probably, every single one of us has been through one of these déjà-vu moments, where a scent brings back long forgotten memories, that lets you think of someone special or even makes you fall in sweet la la love with someone, just out of nowhere. So STOP floating in flowery daydreams and step up your fragrance game right away, cause who knows who’ll smell you next…

    In addition to our odor advice, we of course want to put a big fat smile on your face. So yes, we’ve collected the best (or worst), perfume creations of our so very favorite celebs including, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and many, many more.

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    Unfortunately, it’s still impossible to smell through screens, so try and activate all of you’re other senses. But don’t worry, cause these pics actually don’t need much more imagination on how good (or bad ) they might smell!

    Saturday, 21. March 2015