Natalie Portman: I pretended I didn't want to act

Natalie Portman took a while to realize that being able to act is a "privilege".

Natalie Portman used to lie to herself about who she was.

The Black Swan actress has had huge success in the industry, even bagging an Oscar for the dark drama in 2011.

While she’s a massive Hollywood star now, Natalie originally studied psychology at Harvard University. It was somewhat of a safety net, should the acting not have worked out.

“Yes, I think so. At that age I wasn’t being honest with myself about who I was,” Natalie explained to the German edition of Glamour magazine.

“Eventually I realised that acting was what I wanted to do and that it’s a privilege to be able to fulfil that dream.”

She might only be 33, but Natalie can now add directing to her set of skills. The star helms A Tale of Love and Darkness, a drama she’s also starring in.

Having been able to tick off so much from her bucket list has caused her to think about what she still wants to achieve.

“I want to care for other people because I’ve been so lucky in my life,” she smiled.

Female directors are still too much of a rarity in Hollywood but Natalie wasn’t trying to set an example with her move behind the camera. Rather she felt she had acted for so long, she knew enough about the process to give it a shot.

“Directing is very time consuming,” she reasoned when asked why most directors are male.

“You have to commit to a project fully over a period of two years. That makes family life hard, because you can’t just go home every night. You need a partner who’s willing to help. That generation of men is only just coming into their own now. Although some of us are lucky enough to have already found one…”

Natalie married Benjamin Millepied in 2012 and they have three-year-old son Aleph together.
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Saturday, 14. March 2015