The Beat Of Norway | Edition 3


The beat of Norway’s still going strong. From a hypnotizing Rihanna-cover to an old classic getting a total remix makeover. Here’s what’s been happening on the Norwegian music scene the last couple of weeks.

Cashmere Cat – Adore Ft. Ariana Grande
Finally, there’s an opportunity to include MTV’s favourite girl, Ariana Grande in this exclusive Norwegian music spot. The thank you, goes straight to Cashmere Cat, who have featured her on their lead single from their highly anticipated upcoming debut album. «Adore», follows in the footsteps of their previous collaboration «Be My Baby», which exceeds it by far. Ariana’s voice, heavenly as always, embraces the melody just perfectly. In other words, this is a surefire hit, that you need to check out. And since we’re on the subject, Cashmere Cat will be playing live at Vulkan Arena on the 24th of April!

Here’s the lyric video for now, whilst we’ll wait for the proper music video to be released. 

Astrid – FourFive Seconds (Live-video)
Ever since she blew away the entire nation on Norwegian Idol back in 2013, we’ve had a very special place in our hearts for  Astrid. Her debut single «2 am» has been on repeat for months, and now we finally have something more to add to our playlist. She presents her very own version of Rihanna’s latest single, «FourFive Seconds», and the result is unsurprisingly beautiful. Her sweet, soft voice is a nice variation to Rihanna’s rather rough vocals. It’s going to be difficult to choose between the two versions, as Astrid certainly is somewhat of a competition with this very special cover. And honestly, we could do without that strange mumbling in the background during Kanye West's verse in the original.

Treat your eyes, but mostly your ears and watch Astrid perform «FourFive Seconds».

Matoma – Old Thing Back 
Matoma’s remix of «Old Thing Back» might not be brand spankin new, but it’s official release on Spotify happened only a couple of weeks ago. The song, which was originally performed by Notorious B.I.G.. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant shot straight to the top of Spotify’s global viral chart and has stayed there ever since . Matoma’s version definitley breathes new life into this classic piece and might even be groovier than the original. 

See if you can resist the groove, and give it a listen right now.

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Samsaya – Beginning At The End
Samsaya is finally getting ready to release her second studio album, 11 years(!) after her debut «Shedding Skin". After participating in «Hver Gang Vi Møtes» last year, she reached out to a whole new audience and is now ready to embrace her new position. «Beginning at The End» is a mid-tempo love track, that easliy sticks to your brain. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full album. The track premiered on P3 Sweden’s «Musikguiden" last week, check it out "HERE":

Loveless – They Don’t Know (Slippes 13 mars)
This just released track from the DJ/Producer-duo Loveless, is a perfectly crafted dance-gem. British *Varren Wade*, responsible for the mind blowing vocals, really brings out the emotions in this club-banger of a song. «They Don’t Know» is an obvious smash, that deserves to be blasted out loudly on repeat

Turn up your speakers, and enjoy the incredibly infectious beat. 

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Jenny Langlo – Next To You (Music video)
Another Idol-contestant making her comeback. Jenny won Norwegian Idol back in 2011, and now she’s ready for Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision Song Contest). «Next To You» sees her moving away from the toned-down Lana Del Rey sound she’s previously gone for. Now she sounds lots more powerful and the production is really taking it up a notch as well. In the last edition of «"Beat of Norway":» we featured RayLee’s «Louder» as our favorite in the competition, but *Jenny* is definitely giving her a run for her money. We’ll see who goes home as the champion, when the final kicks off this Saturday. 

Take a look at the official music video now.

Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 13. March 2015