21 Sexy EOTB Spoilers

  • Well, look who it is...

  • It's Ash and he's straight on a date with Crazy Kayleigh.

  • And they're headed for the bedroom

  • 'Cos the best way to get over someone is to get under someone, right?

  • But what about Kay's best mate Melissa?

  • We sense DRAMA.

  • Now they're officially 'frenemies'.

  • And wee Connor's done too!

  • Which only leaves one thing!

  • But the arrival of Alpha Ash knows no limits.

  • Sorry Gaz

  • Anita's off on a date.

  • Uh Oh!

  • Parsnip meltdown.

  • Time to apologise is it?

  • But some people forgive more easily than others.

  • Like Charlotte for example - she never saw this coming.

  • But Gaz can break any lass down eventually.

  • Meanhwhile, Charlotte's feeling Adam.

  • Quite literally!

  • But it's Morgan who's stood out for all the WRONG reasons.

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    ...cause episode 7 is just around the corner!

    Oh Oh people, cause no one other then Ash from Ex On The Beach season 1, will be washed up the shore in this times episode. And as usual, he has nothing else on his mind, then creating CHAOS!

    The ladies love Ash and the guys hate him for that. So you can take a bet, that there will be a slight chance for “some” rivalry, especially when it comes to Gaz and Anita and the poor girl just might not resist the newbies charmes. Let’s see how and if Gaz’s temper can handle the new fire…but first, take a look at our 21 sexy spoilers in our gallery above!

    >>> Watch Ex On The Beach 2 here!

    Friday, 13. March 2015