15 Teen Stars Who Are Hotties Now

  • Matthew Lewis played the role of the nerdy Neville Longbottom in all the Harry Potter movies.

  • ...and look at Mr. Longbottom today!

  • Luke Youngblood was also a part of the Harry Potter filmization, better known as Lee Jordan.

  • And know better known as babelicious!

  • One of our favorite redheads, Ron Weasley aka Rupert Grint.

  • Redhead <3

  • Why is it that all of the Harry Potter charakters turn out to be hotties? Magic?

  • ...and good looks! Obviously...

  • You know who this is!!!!

  • Yap, beauty Emma Watson...with another Harry (also beautiful)!

  • Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe himself!

  • Abacadabra plus a few years and this happened!

  • Georgie Henley (redhead love) was the youngest in the Narnia trilogy.

  • Meanwhile she turned out to be a preeeettttty young lady!

  • Little Miss Sunshine aka Abigail Breslin!

  • Is still a little BIG Miss Sunshine!

  • What's up with Nicola Peltz?

  • She's blonde and hotter than ever!

  • Tania Raymonde...

  • ...looks like a model now!

  • Carmen Cortez who played Alexa Vega in the "Spy-Kids" trilogy...

  • ...turned out to be one hot gal!

  • The little cute Tahj Mowry...

  • ...is still cute but also one big hunk of a man now.

  • Josh Peck was "big" too...

  • ...and is now hotter than ever!

  • Jonathan Lipnicki...

  • ...looks "quite" different now. MUSCLES!!!!!

  • That's Shia LaBeouf???

  • THAT'S Shia LaBeouf!!!!!

  • Michelle Trachtenberg...

  • ...is not only a part of "Gossip Girls" but als part of the hottest celebs now!

  • Lacey Chabert played the role of a premature girl in "Party of Five".

  • She's still a super brain but also has a rockin bod now!

  • Nope! That's not a girl, that's Joseph Gordon-Levitt...

  • ...and he's more handsome then ever!

  • In "About a boy", Nicholas Hoult was just an ordinary little fella...

  • ...and turned out to be looking like THIS!

  • And who could that be?

  • Zac Efron aka THE BODY, THE EYEY, the everything...

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    Who would have thought!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, were more the kinda dorky looking ones in their very first movies. But beware, cause 15 years later, the tide has certainly turned.

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    Emma Watson actually turned out to be THE most beautiful UN-Ambassador one could ever think of, Daniel Radcliffe is probably the sexiest nerd alive and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a massively successful actor and director, whom we definitely wanted to be casted of.

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    And not enough, cause those three aren’t the only transformed hotties here. So go and check out our teen star hotness gallery above and see who totes took the sexy turn in growing up.

    Friday, 13. March 2015