Is Kendall Jenner The Next Calvin Klein Face?

Cause she's showing lots of panty game lately...

Kendall Jenner`s basically killin it at the moment, when it comes to the model biz. No matter if it’s Paris, London or New York Fashion Week, Kim’s little sis is walking the worlds greatest catwalks.

And now, it seems as if Kendall soon could add another big gig to her resume, as their might be some evidence of Kendall being the new face of Calvin Klein. Wouldn’t that simply be kinda amazeballs if a Kendall/ Bieber/Klein ad would actually happen. OH MAH GAHD!

Just to set the record straight, nothing is confirmed yet, but hey, ones still allowed to keep their hopes up. Especially because Kendall and Calvin or actually playin tricks with us for months now.

I mean, you probably remember, Justin Bieber teasing us for months (it actually felt like years), with all of his half naked, Calvin wearing pics, via Instagram, before he and the fashion empire announced their collab officially.

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And hey, Kendall is kind of pulling of the same move here. Displaying her love for CK on Instagram. We might be right, we might be wrong, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Thursday, 12. March 2015