Behind The Scenes Of Bieber's Roast Promo

Roast Master, Jeff Ross shared a behind-the-scenes Justin Bieber Roast Promo with us! Watch it here!

If you haven’t heard bout the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber yet, well, then it’s definitely the time to watch and listen up…

Cause the Roast Master himself, Jeff Ross, was so kind as to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes video with us, in which we can be part of filming one of the promos with the Biebes himself.

You’ll get to see the making of the parody of JB’s legendary Calvin Klein campaign, his (fake) tattoo session by the Roast Master General and of course, the all so famous video gem, in which Justin gets egged. There is also, a little bonus included, as Justin is throughout, in every single promo, the way we like him the most, shirtless!

So don’t miss out on watching the behind-the-scenes video of the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber here!

Tuesday, 10. March 2015