The Beyoncethon Is ON!

Watch MTV's Beyonce-thon livestream here!

Wanna spend the next 24 hours dancing to Beyoncé (as if we wouldn’t do that in general)? Then MTV’s got some amazing news for ya!

Cause MTV US is holding an all-Beyoncé dance party — appropiately dubbed the Beyoncé-thon — at our MTV Headquaters in New York, Times Square. And yes, the rumors are true, cause we’re aiming nothing less, then to set the Guinness World Record for “Longest Dance Relay,” so keep your fingers crossed y’all.

Since not everyone can just pop over to New York, for some 24-hour stretches, MTV will stream the entire Beyoncé-thon live via the video embed below:

You can also join, by sharing videos of yourself dancing to the Queen Bey’s music on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine with the hashtag #beyoncethon.

Not enough Beyoncè yet? Well, then peep at some of her greatest dance moments in our GIF gallery above… just in case you need some inspiration.


Tuesday, 10. March 2015