Tinder Can Be A Life Saver

Trust Us!

People living in cold a** countries like ours, know how beautiful, but also how annoying snow can be. It’s beautiful, as long as your car isn’t stuck in it and actually needs the power of a Hulk to shovel you out of this cold mess! But what if you’re single, ready to mingle, but don’t have a green musclehead or anything hunky around you?! Do it yourself, cause yes, of course you are an independent (and also strong enough) women? NAH, way to lazy…

One gal from Boston, was in desperate need of using her car and had something, what one would definitely call a bright moment! She (ab)used Tinder, to find a guy, who was willing to show off all his manhood and shovel her car out of the snow! And it seriously worked out! In Susan Zalkind’s case, even twice!

The 27-year-old hit up the dating app with the explicit goal of finding someone to help her with this dreaded chore. And there was no misdirection, as she laid out the scenario clearly: “Looking for someone to shovel out my car. Nothing complicated, no strings attached, just please shovel out my car. Thanks so much.”

Susan got 11 matches and three offers in the first 15 minutes – wowza! And yes, a guy named Ted finally showed up, with an ice pick in the one hand and a shovel in the other hand. And no, he did not kill her, instead he totally showed off his gentlemen skills.

Not enough, Susan was even that bold, to use Tinder as a rescue app again, as Boston was soon hit by another Blizzard. Unfortunately, one shouldn’t push their luck to far, as it didn’t went as well as i it did the first time. Her car still got shoveled out though.

OMG, this is the actual stuff, what Hollywood romances are made of! What a storyline to tell! But sorry to disappoint you guys here, cause none of the two hunks made the race. The second guy, was even married…which doesn’t sound that romantic anymore, does it?!

Oh well! In the end, it seems as Tinder will be Tinder and guys will be guys!
PS: Never eat yellow snow!

Tuesday, 10. March 2015