Hold On! Is This A New Miley Cyrus Track???

Watch Miley's video straight out of the recording studio.

With her last record, ‘Bangerz’, Miley literally came and hit us with a wrecking ball, straight in the face (in a good way). Seems as though, nothing has changed with with the Cyrus kind of way, as she has just hit us again, with a teeny tiny snippet of her latest recording sessions.

So did our angelic ears really already hear a new Miley track? New track or just a simple tease, who cares. The only thing which really matters is, that Miley Instagrammed this video directly from the recording studio, whilst singing, or lets say whilst waaaaaaailing, what appears to be a new song. So yes, it totally seems as if something musical will hit our ears very soon again! EXCITING!

Go watch and sneak peek with us:

Monday, 09. March 2015