Rita: I'm a Dancing Queen

Rita Ora listens to ABBA to get in the mood for a night out.

Rita Ora’s house is like “Pride every night”.

The 24-year-old singer lives with a male pal and they have a great time together. If they’re going out they like to get in the mood by popping on some music from the 70s, with Rita likening that to 2014 movie Pride. It told the true story of UK gay activists who helped miners during their long strike in 1984, and featured a memorable scene where Dominic West struts his stuff on the dancefloor.

“Anything disco – ABBA always gets me going,” she told British magazine Cosmopolitan when asked what music she likes before a night out. “Can you imagine me dancing around my flat to Dancing Queen? I live with a gay guy so it’s like Pride every night. My go-to karaoke song is Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper.”

People would be forgiven for thinking Rita’s life is one long party. But because she attends so many glitzy events for work, in her spare time she likes to relax.

“[My biggest night out ever was] going to watch The Hunger Games with my brother recently!” she laughed. “I love to party, though – I work hard so when I go out I dance all night and surround myself with good company. All my friends are crazy!”

Those evenings can leave Rita feeling a little worse for wear, but luckily she has come up with a way to stave off any illness the following day.

“Take a painkiller and down loads of water so I don’t wake up with a headache. I also put Sudocrem on any spots – it dries them right out. And I always wear an eye mask so the light doesn’t wake me up – it’s a comedy one that says, ‘F**k off, I’m sleeping!’” she giggled.
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Saturday, 07. March 2015