Zac Efron Goes Catfish 4

This Sunday, Catfish returns to your screens with a whole new season & Zac Efron! Read more here!

The Catfish” sleuths have traveled to Atlanta, rural Florida and the food deserts around Oakland, California during their Internet investigations for the 4th season of "Catfish. But this time, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman also went a tiny bits of Hollywood. Lights, camera…whaaat?

As true Catfish fans, you most probably already know, that Max Joseph will not be joining Nev for the first few episodes. But, he invited no one else, then Zac Efron to the Catfish set to explain Max’s absence. But why should Zac be the one explaining? Well, cause Zac is the actual reason, why Max is missing out on the first few episodes, as he is the star of Max’s upcoming feature debut ‘We are your friends’.

Though the guys might look like they were at their best behavior, don’t be fooled, cause some ‘behind the scenes’ rumors told us, that Nev and Max definitely were goofy and pranky as ever. If you want to see more #Zefrons, you totally need to tune in for Catfish!

But lets get back to Max, as this will be his very first time helming a feature-length film, which is totally exciting, although he already directed over 60 short films and commercials — one of them being ‘DFA Records: Too Old to Be New, Too New to Be Classic’, a short doc on the record label that houses major electronic dance acts like LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost! and Hot Chip.

Now, if you’re still wondering, who Max’s replacement and therefore Nev’s new co-hosts will be, listen up, cause it includes no other then, MTV’s Charlamagne, Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, recording artist Angel Haze, YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley and actor Alex Shaffer.

Catfish 4 premieres on March 8th at 18:05 only on MTV. You can also broadcast the show 6 days after TV appearance, here on

Saturday, 07. March 2015