Ed Sheeran recalls band dream

Ed Sheeran's plans to form a band at 11 were quashed when he realised he wasn't "cool" enough.

Ed Sheeran couldn’t persuade anyone to be in his band at school.

The British singer is one of the biggest names in the industry and was nominated for three Grammys at this year’s ceremony.

He’s also gathered plenty of A-list friends, counting Taylor Swift and Sam Smith among them.

While he’s super popular now, it was a different story when he was growing up.

“I was a nerd with red hair and glasses,” he recalled to German magazine Bravo.

“Aged 11, I decided I wanted to form a band. But nobody wanted to join me because I wasn’t cool enough!”

Ed still can’t believe how far he’s come and sometimes goes on stage to cheering fans, wondering whether they’ve really all turned up to see him.

One of the most important lessons he’s learned is to always see the silver lining.

“You have to concentrate on the positive things in your life,” he advised.

“No matter how rubbish you are feeling, you can find something good in everything. You just have to be able to recognise it!”

The star doesn’t like to take time off and is always setting himself new challenges. His second album, x, made a splash last year and he’s already planning new tracks.

“After this tour, I’ll write and record new songs,” he assured his fans.

It was recently announced that Ed, 24, will premiere a brand new video at the upcoming YouTube Music Awards.
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Thursday, 05. March 2015