Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift Play Gamez

BBC Radio 1 recently quizzed Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, to see how well they really know each other – with interesting results!

Our dearest Swifty, just can’t get enough of these BFF quizzes, as she and her sister from another mister, Karlie Kloss recently already took part at the ‘The Best, Best Friend Game’ for Vogue magazine and know she’s quizzing again. But instead of challenging Karlie’s and her friendship, it’s now the time to test the bond between Ed Sheeran and her.

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BBC Radio 1 host, Nick Grimshaw tested their true BFFness with some real tricky questions! So lets see how tight Tay Tay and Sheerios really are!

Let the games begin:

Monday, 02. March 2015