Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Are An Emoji

    It’s Official: Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Are The Dancing Twin Emoji

    By now, it’s a more then well known fact that super model, Karlie Kloss and the ‘Style’ singer Taylor Swift are unseperable, so that one could nearly think, that they were accidently seperated after birth. They are just simply an adorable twin set of BFF’s.

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    And as if it couldn’t get any better, we could not oversee, that they basically just look like the lively dancing twin emoji. They seriously do! They’re both blonde. They’re both having FUN and they both like wearing black leotard-esque clothing (admittedly a little more risqué than the emoji version, but whatever) which they proved at the last Victorias Secret show.

    And as it really does get better, Karlie even confirmed the twin emoji look alike, by posting a backstage pic from the last Victorias Secret show saying ‘#Confirmed’ and showing the so called twin emoji. We knew it!

    AW stahp it! You two just could not get any cuter. Could you?!

    Thursday, 05. March 2015