The Never-ending Emoji Fun

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Be real honest to yourself! Don’t you just love replacing your “normal” letter by letter text message lingo, with some of your favorite emojis, whilst texting with your BFF!? Well, we definitely do love it and sometimes even completely text in the so called ‘emoji-language’ once in a while!

And because we so do love our dearest emojis, we just have to share our joy of finding this particular emoji gem with you. Listen up and let us present you:

This just has to be the most awesomest invention EVER, as you can now even draw your own pictures purely out of emoji’s! It is going to fill your hours with never-ending emoji fun, cause now you can create your very own emoji art constructed purely out of your favorite symbols.

Add a little princess emoji here, insert a heart-eyed emoji there and do not forget to place the thumbs up emoji somewhere! Now that we have, we can do all of this artsy stuff which you can admire in our picture gallery above!

Monday, 06. April 2015