Jessie J: You never know!

Jessie J has spoken about why she loves to improvise during live shows.

Jessie J admits she “never knows what’s gonna happen” during a live show.

The 26-year-old Nobody’s Perfect songstress kicked off her Sweet Talker Tour on January 20.

And Jessie loves the improvisation involved in performing for huge audiences.

“I might’ve forgotten words, I might’ve had someone in the audience sing, I might’ve had something thrown at me, I might’ve fallen over, it might’ve been the best show of my life, I might’ve the worst show of my life, but it’s live so you never know what’s gonna happen,” she noted in a video interview for the UK’s Express newspaper.

Fortunately Jessie has a strong bond with the people she performs shows with.

So whenever she may feel stuck onstage, the singer looks to her crew for support.

“I love having my band I like live musical instruments and I love having to push them and them push me and us not relying on anything other than ourselves,” she shared.

“The one thing I always try and do is I try and stay loyal. And obviously in every team, in every artist’s life people come and go. You become friends and I think the more you relax and you understand this is what we do… like there’ll be points in the show where’ll I’ll go, ‘Ace, give me something!’ and it’s completely not part of what we rehearsed but that’s not what a live show is.”

However, Jessie does try to be as prepared as possible.

The multi-talented entertainer even gets involved with stage lighting.

“I re-lit the whole show with my lighting guy yesterday for four hours and the day before and we’re still actually finishing it today in sound check before tonight,” Jessie said. “There’s a difference from learning a show and making it a show. Where I have to be the performer, I have to be the frontwoman, I have to carry the show so, I have to know when the lights are gonna hit. Just to make it feel more exciting.

“I’ve made the lighting a lot calmer and a lot more grown up and a little darker and sexier and a bit more mysterious. As I get older I feel like my show has to represent me.”
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Friday, 27. February 2015