The Beat Of Norway | Edition 2


Two weeks have gone by and that means it’s time for a new dose of great Norwegian music. From our favourite ‘Idol-star’ making a comeback, to the circus that is ‘Eurovision’, this edition of ‘The Beat of Norway’ is packed with all kinds of music and even includes a couple of tastefully done remixes. Now let’s get to it, it’s time to embrace the music. 

Unge Ferrari – Hvis Du Vil Ft. Tomine
Unge Ferrari debut single ‘Hvis Du Vil’ is a unique R&B track, with a production of heavy beat. Tomine’s vocals are a great addition to the song and together, they bring forward the desperate longing and emotion in the lyrics. This is a very promising start to Unge Ferrari’s career. If he keeps this up, he might turn out to be one of the brightest shining newcomers on the Norwegian music scene this year.

Step into Unge Ferrari’s mind with their music video to ‘Hvis Du Vil’:

Maya Vik – Y.M.D (Young Michael Douglas)
Maya has really found her sound this time. Lindstrøm is responsible for the production, which is quite obvious to anyone who’s listened to his music. His groovy production style merges perfectly with Maya’s bubblegum sweet vocals. Her voice actually sounds a lot like fellow Norwegian pop princess Annie’s (You remember ‘Chewing Gum’ right?). Y.M.D is also an intriguing title, which makes you wonder if someone’s had a bit of a crush on the one and only Michael Douglas. Anyways, this is by far one of her most infectious tracks yet. 

Listen to the premiere of the track exclusively on >>>"Noisey":!

Ghost Loft – Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)
This might not be purely Norwegian music, but the remixer Bearson, is as Norwegian as they come. He has blended his signature tropcial style with the original Ghost Loft-track. He brings the sweet melody into focus, and brings forward all the best parts of the song. Bearson keeps on delivering great music, and we can’t wait to hear more remixes, and also original music from him. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Press play, and enjoy this delicious remix:

Kygo – Firestone (KREAM remix)
Kygo’s ‘Firestone’ has been literally everywhere the last couple of months. If you are starting to get a little bit tired of the song, we have the perfect solution for you. The Norwegian duo KREAM have given the track their own spin, and made a smashing remix of it. They’ve added the ever so popular sax onto Kygo’s soft tropical beats and to no ones surprise, it’s a match made in heaven. This track is just begging to be blasted out as loud as possible on a hot Norwegian summer day. 

Listen now, as maybe this can be the start of your Summer 2015 playlist:

Raylee – Louder
‘Eurovision’ is getting closer and this year, most of the contestants are quite well known acts. Our favourite, Raylee most recently reached the top three on the celebrity talent show ‘Stjernekamp’. With that momentum going for her, she might have just what it takes to reach all the way to the top this time. ‘Louder’ is a refreshingly honest pop track, that doesn’t try to be anything else than a shamefully catchy tune. It sounds as if she has been quite a bit inspired by Rihanna’s earlier music, more specifically RiRi’s debut ‘Pon De Replay’. The result is an irresistible earworm of a track, that fits perfectly into the ‘Eurovision’ circus. 

>>> Buy the track on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify/Wimp

Alejandro – RÅ
It’s been a while since Alejandro released music of his own. Now he is back better than ever, with his first track sung in Norwegian. This song just screams sing-along. We can already imagine huge crowds joining Alejandro in on the last parts of the chorus consisting of the easily memorable lyric ’Rååååå’. Alejandro has clearly discovered what kind of music fits him best and we can’t wait for more!

Get ready for those future sing-alongs, and learn the lyrics right away in the official lyric video below:

ByLarm → Update:
byLarm is coming up, and a bunch of the artists featured in the last edition of ‘The Beat Of Norway’ are set to take the stage. Our recommended line-up includes Omvr, Aurora, Coucheron, Frøder, Hawkon. In addition to these, the sugar sweet trio No. 4, Idol-alumni Astrid, and Marit Larsen will most definitely be worth checking out. 

Thats it for now. Enjoy the music and have a great weekend!

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Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 27. February 2015