Kayne West Says Sorry

Blood, sweat and tears!

Hold on a sec! Did the world stop turning, or what are we witnessing here?! ’Cause no one else, then Mr. Iceface aka Kanye West, is all up with apologizing to some of his (former) feuds. There even were tears…

But let’s take this one step by step!

You do remember when Kanye basically slammed Beck's winning moment at this years Grammys, by entering the stage in protest and even suggesting later on, that Beck should give the award to Beyoncé.

>>> Who the heck is Beck?

Then, way back in 2013, he had this hatred thing ’gainst Bruno Mars going on, where Kanye basically swore the sh**t out himself, whilst a Bruno Mars performance, by saying:

“I’m sitting there, I’m trying to enjoy mother—-ers performing, and sh–. I’m looking, I’m watching Drake perform, I see Bruno Mars perform, and sh–,” Kanye told the crowd that night. “And then they start giving out awards and sh–, and Bruno Mars won all the mother—-ing awards, and sh–.”

That was not very nice of you, 'Ye!

But now, out of nowhere, Kanye's been posting some seemingly sincere apologies tweets on Twitter. Kanye?! What happend? ‘Cause usually you barely show any emotions and now you’re almost giving out hugs for free.

But hold your breaths, ‘coz Kanye even burst into tears in a recent interview for BBC Radio 1. He just couldn’t contain himself anymore, whilst speaking about his late mentor, the revered fashion professor, Louise Wilson.

And again, Kanye? Is this you?

But whatever this is all about. Let’s take it as it is, ‘cause who doesn’t like a more emotional, almost humble and more sensitive Kanye?! Call us crazy, but we do!

Watch the full ‘BBC Radio 1’ interview with Kanye West (crying):

Friday, 27. February 2015