Taylor Swift Is The Bomb

'Cause she just photobombed the crap out of this picture!

Taylor Swift must have obviously seen some ‘Blank Space’ on this particular picture setting, as she basically photobombed the crap out it.

Poor little fans there, trying to take a decent ‘Cheeeeese, we’re at BRIT Awards’ Selfie. But hey, one should always remember, there is no such chance to do so, if there’s a Swifty involved. First she will casually be hanging ’round in the background, but then, out of nowhere, she will spontaneously poke out her fringy little head, whilst doing a crazy tongue-lolling-trying-to-eat-you-face choreography and totally photobomb you!

Well guys, don’t forget, she isn’t called Slaylor Swift for nothing, ‘cause she basically slays everything she does. From singing to dancing (on stage and off-stage at award shows) and from being famous and amazeballs in general. So it’s actually pretty normal, that she even slays it when it comes to photobombing!

Slay,Taylor, slay, ‘cause you’re the bomb!

Tuesday, 27. January 2015