Happy Bieber Birthday!

It's Justin Bieber's 21st Birthday today! Congratulations!

Mr. Boyfriend aka Justin Bieber himself is turning 21 today!

Hold on, 21??? Yes, 21 it is! This means, Justin is finally of legal age now! So OH OH there’s definitely gonna be a big party, with some bottles poppin’ on this very special occasion (only because it’s legal now)!

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So where’s the party gonna be? And who will be invited? Will Selena Gomez wish him well or even stop by? If so, will she bring her current fling Zedd with her?!

No matter what will happen or go down, one thing is for sure, we’ll keep you updated! ’Cause there might be some more roasting material coming up for the Biebes on this one!

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But for now, we’ve packed Justin's whole evolution in one big picture gallery for you. So take a click and whilst you’re at it, raise your glasses on Justin!

Have a happy day!

Sunday, 01. March 2015