All Grown Up Party Gal: Happy B-Day JWoww

Not yet a woman? Hell yes!

Wowza Wowz our dearest Jersey Shore gal, JWoww is turning 27 today! So first of all, congrats to the former queen of all parties and most importantly on all her private success in life. Such as turning her on/off relationship with Roger and becoming a Momma of the cute little baby girl Meilani Alexandra.

You guys might know JWoww rather as the the loud, somewhat bitching and party hard girl of the Snookie & JWoww wolfpack! Seems as things have changed and gotten more quiet, but we’re still sure that she’s gonna pop some bottles just like Kanye, but only today!

See JWoww’s evolution from a party gal to a super mom in our picture gallery above!

Friday, 27. February 2015