Kevin Hart Wants To See Justin Bieber Shake the sense of 'nearly' crying!

    The countdown for the big Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber is definitely on, as his on hour insult by a round of well selected colleagues and close friends, will go down in only a months time.

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    So totes the time to ask the master of ceremonies, Kevin Hart himself, some questions ‘bout the upcoming Comedy Central Roast. Hart told MTV, that he wanted to assure all you Beliebers out there, that he absolutely won’t make the Biebes break out into tears.

    His general intention would be, to almost let him burst, like the pre-crying stage, where you nearly have to cry and your face gets all shaky and you nearly can’t contain yourself anymore… yap, that’s what Kevin will be going for.

    Wanna know exactly how far Kevin Hart intends to go? Watch the full interview below:

    Wednesday, 25. February 2015