Kylie Jenner Shares Belfie!

Watch out Kim!

Seems as if there’ s some strong Belfie competition going on in the Kardashian mansion. Kim, as we are well aware, does not only loooove to share selfies, but(t) also now and then some good ol’ Belfies. Seems as if Kim’s competitor has grown amongst her own ranks, as it’s no one less then Kylie Jenner.

We know, that Kylie’s Instagram game is indeed a very strong one, as even her pup, Norman, got his own account!

Nevertheless, there is some solid posing going on in her latest Belfie. But(t) maybe this all just comes naturally, ’coz letting those grey tracksuit bottoms ride down, to reveal a black-and-red zig-zag patterned knickers, could really be just a well captured coincidence. In any way, her yes/no/maybe romance Tyga must definitely feel somewhat delighted.

…you better move that dry cleaning out of the way Kyles! We wouldn’t want to see it get creased.

Tuesday, 24. February 2015